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" A Lapidary Luxury " is how most faceter's describe the Facetron because of it's ease of operation, superior quality and precision that makes it a joy to create beautiful gemstones.

The Facetron comes as a complete turn-key unit except for laps. If you already have your laps then unpack it and start faceting. Dollar for dollar the Facetron is the best faceting machine you can buy.


After you dial in the desired angle on the digital protractor of the Facetron, the dial indicator stop system shows you the exact stopping point. The dial indicator stop system consists of a new hard stop and dial indicator for dependable and accurate depth of cuts. You have three options. you can use dial indicator as dial stop only, hard stop only or both.
The dial indicator resolution is .0005 of inch increments.
Micro-height AdjustmentMicro-height Adjustment makes it easy to go back to any facet after the dop has been removed from the dop chuck. No numbers to write down. It's quick and simple. This feature is particularly helpful in production faceting or when sharing your machine. The Facetron can roll back to any facet by setting the angle the stone was cut at on the digital protractor and reading the dial indicator.
Facetron Water Coolant SystemTwo Quart Water Coolant System keeps your lap clear and stone cool so as not to damage either. It's easy to refill, and is fully positionable on the lap. The control valve is conveniently located away from the spout. Powerful Permanent Magnet Motorcustom made for Facetron, supplies variable speeds through a direct line V-belt drive with plenty of torque over the full range of RPM's. Sealed bearings provide maximum life and dependability to the platen. The motor mount swivels to accommodate belt tension adjustments.
Urethane Splash Bowlwith Padded Lap Nutprevents accidental damage of precious stones. The spent cooling water conveniently drains through the bottom of the base. The Base is 12" x 18" x half inch cast aluminum, Blanchard ground to be absolutely flat. This provides you with the confidence that your machine is mounted on a steady base. Also included is a genuine oak veneer base to highlight this fine precision instrument.
Facetron Dop Chuck with exclusive Cam Lock SystemDop Chuck with exclusive Cam Lock System (not a jam-nut-collet or set screw) provides positive lock system on keyed dops that makes it easy to remove & replace your stones in the chuck with perfect orientation. This feature is invaluable for multiple unit production cutting. The entire system is assembled with precision-sealed ball bearings to guarantee long-life and perfect repeatability. The Index WheelThe Index Wheel is by far the most important component of any faceting machine. Facetron's advanced design is machined without compromise for precise meets of the facets on your valuable stones. Index Wheels are machine engraved for easy viewing.
The Digital ProtractorThe Digital Protractor provides you with 1/10 of a degree angle settings (equivalent to a four foot protractor!). It also allows you to repeat any desired angle quickly and precisely. This makes other machines things of the past. Mast Head Adjustment Lever makes moving the head height quick and easy. Eliminates the cranking that many other machines require when lifting the head over long distances. There's no need to write down numbers either.
Mast Anchor Lever locks with a feather touch and a hard anodized base permits a smooth movement with minimum wear. Maximum flexibility to work on stones of all sizes and shapes. The Electronic Speed ControlThe Electronic Speed Control puts you in control of your lap speed and incorporates an on-off switch. You decide on speeds from as low as one rotation-per-second up to 1600 rotations-per-minute with continuous high torque.

Complete Facetron Kit includes all you need to begin making fine gemstones except laps.

      • The Facetron Owners Manual
      • Faceting Instruction Book
      • A set of 15 dops
      • Water System
      • The complete Facetron Machine
      • Your choice of any index gear ( 96 - All Purpose Recommended as first index gear )
      • Acculign Transfer Stand for unequaled precision and ease of use. Locating bar holds keyed dops for perfect stone transfers.
      • Lifetime Warranty Against Defects in Material or Workmanship from the Norman T. Jarvi Tool Company Exclusive Manufacturer
        of the Facetron.